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Puzzle and fighting games are most favourite games for all ages. They keep the interest of players in the game. So we have brought Slugterra Mod APK for our users to download free from here.

There are many absorbing puzzles in this Mod version of the fighting game that makes it different from other puzzle games.

Money is the main item you have to collect in the game. Fortunately, you can collect unlimited money in this modified version of the game. All slugs are also unlocked, so there is no need to complete the previous round to go further in-game.

There is a private server in this Mod APK. You can play the game with peace of mind that it cannot be banned. There are many powerful weapons available to fight against opponents. You can freely utilize any weapon in our modified version of the game.

Slugterra Mod APK

About Game:

With more than 3000 fusion combos, you can build an army of slugs and become king of the arena after beating slingers in the Slugterra android game. It is a combination of shooting and puzzle games which will train your mental capabilities.

There are hundreds of fun puzzles waiting for you in the game. You can also collect stunning slug characters in this modified version of the game. It will make this game more attractive. This game has a very higher rating of 4.7 in the Google play store, and more than 10 million users have downloaded the official version of the game.


This game is influenced by the famous TV cartoon series Slugterra. So you are landed on a faraway planet where slingers are enemies, and you have to fight with them. After starting the game, you have to go through different levels to clear three or more elements in a row.

When you clear all rows, then you will proceed to the next level. You have to meet new challenges and access new characters, locations, elements, and objects. You will get points when you match at least three identical symbols. But for bonus points, you must identify more than three similar symbols in a row.

You also have to attack monsters in the game by matching similar symbols. More than three identical symbols will enhance your attacking power and give more damage. In gameplay, you also need to focus on defence symbols and health levels to sustain any attack by monsters. Game boosters also help you survive in many dangerous situations. So you can collect them while playing the game.

Slugterra Mod

Slugterra Mod APK Feautres:

More than 10 million official downloads describe the practicality of the game. But still, you will be stuck in different levels, and you have to use a booster and sustain health to overcome this situation.

Unfortunately, you must have game expertise to play the simple version of the game. But when you install the hacked version of Slugettra in Mod APK from this website, then you will be able to experience the following features for free.

1) Unlimited Health:

Play the game without thinking about the attack of monsters. Your health level remains full in this mod version of the game. There is no need to waste your time collecting health symbols due to the 100 % health level.

This feature will help you after clearing the initial levels. When the game turns harder, a player has to boost all powers.

2) Unlimited Money:

The best feature of this Mod APK is unlimited money. When you open the new chest, you will get unlimited money. It will help you collect all types of items that are available in the game.

This feature also assists you in buying different slugs to add more fun to the game. You will go on to the next level of entertainment after installing this mod game on your device.

3) Private server:

Most mod games get banned after a few levels because they don’t have any private server to play the game for long. Slugterra Mod APK has a unique feature of a private server, so no one can ban you from this game. You can play this game as long as you want.

4) Unlimited boosters:

There are many dangerous levels in this game that you cannot clear without boosters. You have to collect boosters by matching more than three symbols in the original version. You also have to keep these boosters in sufficient quantity to utilize them in time of need.

This hacked version of Slugterra has another unique feature of unlimited boosters. When you play this mod game, you can easily clear any level with this feature.

Slugterra Mod

Installation steps for the game:

You have to perform two simple steps to run this version on your device. The first one is to download the APK file from here. Secondly, install it on your device. If you are not familiar with the process, then follow the simple steps below.

1) Download

Enable 3rd party download option on your android phone and click on the download icon given at the end of this page.

2) Install

Tap the install icon and you can install it on your device. But if you have installed a simple version of the game, then uninstall that app first.


What are the advantages of this Mod APK?

Ans: You will get everything unlimited and free with the help of this Mod APK. It will help you play the game with ease.

Does this game have an anti-ban feature?

Ans: Due to a private server, it has an anti-ban feature.

Is it a paid app or I can download and run it for free?

Ans: This version of the game is 100 % free. There is no need to download the original game after installing this app on your device from here.


Slugterra Mod APK is the best way to enjoy all features of the game without paying anything for it. With everything unlocked and unlimited, you will get this premium version of the game which is easy to install and play.

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