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Download the hacked version of the Red Imposter Mod APK format from here. It will give you unlimited features and exciting gameplay. This game is also available on the Google play store. But that is the limited version of the game where you have the access to only a few options.

If you want to enjoy the complete version of the game with additional features, then you must download this Mod APK form here. After downloading this game from here, you will get many cool options among which unlimited money is at the top. Other features of this Mod APK include one-finger controls, countless challenges, and no advertisement.

red imposter mod apk download

About Red Imposter Mod APK Game:

Red imposter android game was published on Google Play Store in December 2020. Now it is one of the most downloaded and played games. This game has been downloaded by more than 10 million Android users through the Google play store officially. Many android users also have downloaded the game from other websites and play stores that provide APK files.

This game has an average rating of 4.57 which shows the popularity of the game. ABI Global Ltd is the developer and publisher of this game on the Google play store who been developing android games since 2018. ABI Global Ltd is the biggest platform for android games. Its portfolio contains 104 apps with more than 400 million installs. In the last 30 days, 30 million users installed their apps.

Red Imposter Mod APK GamePlay:

Red Imposter game is designed in a future place where people are in space. They can move freely anywhere and they perform their tasks as highly skilled astronauts. All of the characters of the game have a team that is engaged in the research and development process to understand new things in the universe.

All characters of the game are in a ship and a group of enemies arrived there and attacked all team members. These strange creatures also destroyed the ship on which research activities are being conducted. Unfortunately, you are also a member of those imposters.

You are one of them and you must kill all other members by hiding your identity. Otherwise, you will be exposed in front of them. Your opponents are engaged in repairing the ship. You have to stop them from doing so by killing them quickly before it’s too late.

If you failed to kill all other members and they manage to repair the ship, then the game will be over and you will lose the game.

Red Imposter Mod APK Features:

Red Imposter Mod APK is an unofficial version of the game. It is manipulated and additional features are added to it. You can easily play this game and beat all of your enemies due to this hacked version of the game. Below we have described all Mod features of this game, so after downloading this game from here, you will experience all of them.

Infinite energy:

Due to the infinite energy level, you will be able to overcome your enemies easily and your game will not be over. In the whole game, your energy level will be sustained at the top. You will be able to perform all tasks conveniently.

Unique Weapons:

A wide range of unique and latest weapons is available in this Mod APK. So after downloading and installing this game from here, you get access to these weapons.
These weapons will help you in finishing the game in a fast way. You will also be able to survive from attacks of your opponents.

Hide your Identity :

The basic responsibility of the player is to hide the identity of the gaming character. Once you are exposed in front of a team member, then you will lose the game easily.
Now after installing this Mod APK, you will be able to hide. Now the body will know that you are the red imposter.

Unlimited Coins:

With the help of coins, you can buy different items within the game. The drawback of the original version of the game is that you always have very few coins.
We have altered the coins section of the game. Now you will get unlimited coins in this game. You can utilize them to buy anything which you had to purchase in a simple version of the game.

Unlimited Diamonds:

Red Imposter android game also has the feature of diamonds like free fire, pub, and many other games. Due to this Mod APK, you will be able to get unlimited diamonds that are used in this game to buy different items.

Installation Guide:

Uninstall any previous version of Red Imposter from your android device. Follow these simple steps to install the game.

Download Red Imposter Mod APK:

A download link is given at the end of this article from where you can get the Mod APK file of the game. After completion of the downloading process, go in downloads of your android device to begin the installation.

Install File:

After opening downloads, you have to search the downloaded file of Red Imposter. Install it on your device after giving the necessary permissions to the game.


This game is not working what should I do?
Ans: Please make sure that you have removed any previous version of Red Imposter if it is installed on your device.

Can I update the game from the Google play store?
Ans: This is the latest version of the game, so there is no need to update it.

Red Imposter Mod APK is safe to download and play?
Ans: We have a strong check on the security of all Mod APKs which are uploaded on our website. So you can download this game with peace of mind as it is completely secure.


Be a Red Imposter and kill all of your opponents with the help of this Mod APK. It has many exciting features like unlimited money, coins, and diamonds. You will also experience many exciting weapons with a high energy level.

Read all the instructions related to the download and installation process. Before getting the file from here, it will help you install the game on your android device easily.

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