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Real Gangster Crime, an exciting game is designed for you if you like firing & shooting games. This game is an alternative to the most loveable game GTA city 5 around the world. In Real Gangster Crime Mod Apk you are gangsters who hijack the cars of other people on fictional city streets named New Vegas. Along with these tasks you have to perform other tasks and operations that came in this game along the passage of time as different criminal elements to fight and secure yourself.

This game came into the Mod version with better graphics and new features in which unlimited supplies will be available to you. Real Gangster Crime game will include different scenarios like events of violence, use of firearms, and eruption. Therefore, people above the age of 16 can only play this game. It appears for the first time on Smartphones and now can be downloaded on any device. This application requires updates from time to time to enhance the quality and better the experience.

Why Real Gangster Crime Mod APK

Thrilling Challenges

If you are interested in playing the shooting and fighting game this is the best game for you as in this game you have to face many challenges in this gangster world such as theft, terrorism, shooting. You have to fight with cops and soldiers who are in search for you. During the game you have to make money by accomplishing different missions this will allow you to unlock different weapons. In this apk you loot the cars, bikes, and helicopters highly equipped with weapons to escape and fight to stay alive. You have to fight and loot cars whenever play the game to make yourself an expert. You have to work harder and take many challenges to be a professional gangster.

Attractive and Excited to play

It provides a better play view as in every situation the camera angles change to provide the complete picture of the street to the player. In-game you have an option to choose the max number of equipment and customize yourself with the getup you desire. Enjoy the ride of the vehicle you want.



Wear your style

Style your character as you want. Play this game in the third person as a stimulator. You have to make your look more significant for battles in the underground world to make yourself stand out. You have a lot of options to customize your character. Different closet options are available to dress up yourself. You can buy more clothes and other equipment with the money you gathered. A specific outfit gives you the superpower to fight well. Carry a good outfit and the best weapon to be different. The outfit helps you to look better while good weapons help you to boost fighting capacity.

You have a variety of options to unlock new weapons. Search your companion and start to defeat the battle!

Start accomplished your mission

In game when you are all set including your thoughts, now start working to accomplish your missions. The underground world involves a lot of challenges and threats. You have to explore the city consisting of different buildings, large streets, malls, cinemas, parks, etc. You have to complete tackle the small mission to fulfill the bigger one. Missions get complicated day by day; they allow you to level up.

You have a danger all over all the time when you step into the underground world, so you have to be very careful
all the time. Wandering around the street gives you an overview of the condition in that area so you can prepare yourself for any consequences all the time. It’s all dependent on you whether you use a vehicle or walk on roads. Motorcycles are the best due to their convenience. You also have a variety of car options it depends on you.

Upgrade your character

To become rich, you have to complete as many missions as you can in Real Gangster Crime Mod Apk. Underground world bounties can be unthinkably huge. You have to upgrade your characters with the passage of time. It is recommended to buy effective vehicles and assisting accessories rather than only focusing on clothes and firearms.

Downloading & Installation

  • You can download this app google play store directly.
  • If not available, then no need to be worried about it. You can also download the RealGangster Crime Mod Apk file from the links available on different websites. Before downloading the file from any source make sure it is verified as many files contain viruses.
  • To install the game on your device, allow the device to download the app from third
    party source.
  • Click on downloading link to download the file on your device
  • Download will start
  • Once downloading is complete, open the file manager on the device and open the Real Gangster Crime Mod apk file downloaded.
  •  Now click on install to install the game on your device and start enjoying.

Advantages & Disadvantages


1) Graphics

It is available in 3D graphics that are so magnificent and quite real. Everything
seems so real.

2) Free of Cost

The game is available to play without charging any money. It can be downloaded on
any device free of cost.

3) Availability of unlimited firearms and missiles/bombs

Updated weapons are available to be used to secure yourself

4) Customize your character

You have an option to customize your character as you want

5) Variety of exciting cars, tanks, and helicopters

Unlimited exciting cars, tanks, and helicopters are available to be used to make
your game is more enjoyable.

6) Explore the map

A map will guide you about all the hidden secrets in the game.

7) Free from security threats

This game is free from all the security threats and safe to install.

8)  No downloading issues
It can be downloaded on any device including android, tablet, iOS, etc.

9) Availability of unlimited money & gems.


1) Game delays/lags when used on old hardware
2) Physics of the game can puzzle you.


Due to its simplicity, entertainment, and magnificent graphics, the game seems an excellent game to be played in your free time. It just required the best utilization of resources and brainstorming. Download the Real Gangster Crime Mod Apk game and enjoy it!

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