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Pou game is specifically designed for the ones who love pets. It has millions of downloaders around the world. It was published by Zakah. Now Pou Mod Apk, its updated version with some exciting features is available for you to download to enjoy quality time. If you want to play with a pet and want to care for your own pet, then this game is for you.

There are a lot of games designed for pet lovers, but this is the game designed for you to take care of a pet that doesn’t exist anywhere in real life. Pou is the main character which is your pet in the game. Pou shape is like a potato he has a fat body and big round eyes that make his appearance cute. In the mod version, you have to take care of your Pou by feeding it, bathing it, and playing with your pet.

In the game, name your pet according to your choice. Customize option is also available for you to dress your pet as you like to make him awesome. Take care of your pet as you take care of your pet in your real life. Feed it, bathe it, play with it, and a most important check on your pet health.Pou mod apk


1) Take care of your pet

Pou needs food to grow up, your responsibility is to feed him. Feed him when he is hungry don’t starve him all day. In the game different variety of foods and snacks are available to feed him like pizza, fries, fruits, juice, and much more. Give him a bath when he feels dirty. Clean him and take care of his hygiene.

2) Buy food and potions for your pet

In the game, you can shop the food to feed Pou from the store and can also buy some sorts of potions such as small health, fat burner, and energizer, etc.

3) Customize Option available

You have an option in the game to style your pet according to your choice. Buy the clothes which makes him more stylish.

4) Play mini-games with him

When your pet is bored and feels irritated you can play with him. Various mini-games are available in the game for you to play with Pou such as food swap, color tap, and many more to make him happy. By playing games with your pet, you can also feel relaxed and stress-free.

Features of Pou Mod Apk

Following are some features of this exciting game to explore even more:-

1) Amazing graphics

The game provides you with an amazing and mesmerizing feature that appeals to you the most. High resolution with colorful art makes the game more interesting and provides full entertainment to the players.

2) Quality Sounds

Sound quality is up to the mark due to which actions of Pou become more interesting, funny, and loveable. The sound quality while playing mini-games is so great.Pou mod

3) Play with friends and family

You can play Pou Mod Apk with your friends and family by connecting the game with your social account and unlocking the online gaming feature. You can play different games with your friends Pou and even go with them on vacations.

4) Secure to Use

This game is 100% secure from any virus and malware, so don’t need to be worried about security concerns.

5) Incredible features

The game has a lot of new and exciting features that exceed the limitations of the virtual world. You can also talk with your pet, and he will also listen to what you are saying. Due to the game’s incredible features, you completely indulge in this game and became addicted to this game.

6) Game progress will be safe

All of your processes of the game will be immediately saved online once your account is linked to the game.

7) Crafting features in the lab

This game also gives you an option to make potions for your pet in the lab. You have an option to try different recipes and remedies to make potions for your pet which is better for him when he is sick.

8) No downloading issues

You can download this game on Android, iOS, Windows Phone devices easily.

9) Earn coins and prizes

To earn a lot of coins and different prizes you have to take on in-game challenges. Complete the assigned task and earn valuable prizes.

10) Play for free

You can download the mod APK file from the website whenever you want around the globe at no cost.

11) Different languages option available

The game is available in different languages you can play this game in your preferred language like English, French, German and the list goes on. You can talk with the Pou in your own preferred language, and he will reply to you in the same language.

12) Helps to feel relax

The bright color and sound effects attract a lot of players around the globe. Players feel relaxed by enjoying with unique pet and most importantly you can be playable at any time and anywhere. The game helps you to release your stress.Pou mod hack

How to Download & Install Mod APK File?

You have all the features in this game that any pet lover wants. Play the game with your favorite pet now. Install the game on your devices and enjoy this amazing game. Step by Step downloading, and Installation process is mentioned below:-

  • Before downloading this file make sure you will have enough space on your device.
  • First, you have to uninstall the old version of the game is installed.
  • Download the APK file from the link available on a website.
  • Before downloading, go to phone Settings and enable the unknown resources option.
  • Once start downloading, wait until it is finished.
  • Click on the open file manager on your device and open the downloaded Pou Mod APK file.
  • Open the file and start its installation process, wait till installation completes.
  • Now enjoy the most entertaining game on your device.

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