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If you are in love with pets and no one allows you to keep a pet, then this game is best for you to enjoy with your pet. My talking Tom came in its updated version with a new feature  My talking tom 2. My Talking Tom 2 Mod Apk game involves a cat character called Tom  Cat. It is an enjoyable game that can be downloaded all around the world.

talking tom 2

The APK, you have to bring up a pet called talking tom. You enjoyed playing this game as you can play, feed, buy clothes & furniture for a cat as you like. You can name talking tom as per your choice. My Talking Tom 2 act like you do and there are new surprises every day. My Talking Tom in its updated version brings new and exciting features of the best virtual pet game.

In My Talking Tom 2, Mod Apk has different modes that allowed you to do more action with Tom play mini-games, change his clothes, feed him, take care of him, decorate his house, visit different countries with Tom, and much more.

My Talking Tom 2 Mod Apk Game Play

In the game, you should be responsible and loyal to your Tom. When you make your Tom happy by feeding him and playing with him his energy increases. In this game, Tom cutely mimics the voice of humans. When you utter something to Tom he listens and mimics your voice in the same style, which makes you to in love with your cat and this makes you feel happy. You have to take care of Tom exactly the same way as you take care of a pet at home. In the game player needs to bring up the cat responsibly by feeding him with the food he likes, buying new clothes, taking care of hygiene by washing him when he is dirty, besides this play with Tom and participating in mini-games like puzzles & action games and other entertaining activities to make money.

New countries can be explored with Tom in the game. Players can enjoy the plane ride with Tom and bring treasures and used them for dressing Tom buy him food and furniture for his house. Tom has his pet too you have to take care of him too, and four more pets to be discovered in-game. Each pet has its own appearance and behavior.


talking tom 2 mod

Some of the features of the updated version are as under:

1)  Magnificent Graphics

The graphics of this game is 3D that makes the game more interesting and provides full entertainment to the players. Its bright colors and 3D graphics make the game worth playing.

2)  Best Sound Quality

The best sound quality makes the actions of Tom such as yawning, mimicry funnier, and more loveable. Furthermore, on-money mission sound quality is also great.

3)  New Mini-Game

In its latest version, there is a mode in which you can play mini-games with Tom such as puzzle games, action games, and racing games, etc. In mini-games, you have an option to play with multiplayer around the world.

4)  Other Pets to unlock

In its updated feature, you have to unlock 5 pets and discover them. Each pet has its own personality and appearance. This feature attracts more players.

5) Airplane Icon

In the game, Tom has his own airplane. By clicking on the airplane icon, a new card collection feature was launched. You can then fly with Tom to explore the world, bring treasures for Tom, and take a souvenir picture. Used the money to buy outfits for Tom buy him food and furniture for his house.

6) Medicine Facility

The game has a healing feature. Don’t worry if Tom gets sick no one is healthy forever. You just have to take care of him, even more, when he is sick. When he feels sick or injured. For first aid, the medicine cabinet is available in the bathroom for urgent use to cure.

7)  Helps to feel relax

The game gives players the true experience of when have to look after their cat as in actual life. Game is not loveable by children but also by adults. Its bright color and sound effects attract a lot of players around the globe. Players feel relaxed by enjoying themselves with cats and can be playable at any time and anywhere. My Talking  Tom 2 Mod Apk helps you to release your stress.

talking tom 2 mod game

8)  Diamond potion’s appearance

In My talking Tom old version when Tom gets tired, he has to sleep you can’t play with him. This makes you wait for a long time to bring his energy back and play with him. In its updated version new feature of the diamond potion’s appearance is added to recover his 100% energy and you can play him whenever you want.

9) Change eye color and feather

In the new version, you can change the feather and eye color of your Tom along with his outfits.

10)  Free of Cost

It can be downloaded around the globe without any cost. 

Downloading & Installation

  • Download My Talking Tom 2 Mod Apk file from the link available on websites.
  • To install the game on your device, allow the device to download the app from a third-party source.
  • Click on downloading link to download the file on your device. Downloading will start.
  • Once downloading is complete, open the file manager on the device and open the My Talking  Tom 2 Mod Apk file downloaded.
  • Now click on install to install the game on your device and start enjoying it.

Final Verdicts

My Talking Tom 2 game makes you feel relaxed and release your stressTo become your friend to overcome loneliness. If you love cat lovers, then this game is for you so install it on your device and enjoy!

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