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Mini Militia is a full-action game. It was created by Appsomniacs LLC. In this game, you are fully equipped with different weapons to fight with your enemies. It is a very challenging game as you are surrounded by your enemies all the time. You can plan this battle with your friends and family.

One of the updated versions of Mini Militia is Mini Militia 3 mod APK which removes the flaws in the old version and add some new feature to make the game more interesting and excited. Mini Militia 3 APK  is a multiplayer game, so it has become one of the most downloaded games today.

Mini Militia 3 mod APK

You can play this game in three modes, online, offline, and survival mode as you desire.  In online mode, you have to fight the battle with multiple players, whereas in offline mode up to 6 members can make a team. Survival mode is a single-player fight if where you solely have to fight.


  1. It can easily be downloaded on the device.
  2. Multiple users.
  3. User-friendly game.
  4. Advanced zoom option.
  5. Free of cost.
  6. Explore more than 20 maps.
  7. It can be legally downloaded in any country.
  8. It cannot harm your device as it is secured from viruses or any malware.
  9. In this APK a variety of weapons options are available.
  10. Mini militia 3 hack version has transformed some shooting rules and  You just have to focus on your target, it will die with one shoot.
  11. It gives you enough options for shooting styles.
  12. This game gives you chance to perform the duties of real soldiers.
  13. Its mod version facilitates the user by adding new powers and unlocking many features.
  14. In games is filled with adventure and thrilling experiences where you have to perform tactfully, and this updated release has come with some new features which benefit you to polish your skills offline so that in online mode you will perform well.
  15. This game enhances your intuitive ability by making proactive decisions at the appropriate time.
  16. You can practice the game offline to enhance your mental ability by using new tricks on the battlefield.
  17. Great graphics and sound that make it more entertaining.
  18. You can customize your avatars by changing your appearance and weapons.
  19. Availability of a variety of weapons

How to install?

  1. Open google drive and download the Mini Militia APK file
  2. Click the APK file icon to download the game on the device
  3. Uninstall the other version already downloaded on your device before downloading the latest version.
  4. Allow permission to the App when it’s open.
  5. Open the game when download completely and start playing.
  6. Enjoy game.

How to play the game?

It is the most entertaining game which allows the user to fight as a soldier in the game. It makes you play as a warrior who makes a good strategy, chooses the right weapon for the fight, and wars collectively with his team to become peace. Doodle Army 3 mod APK game consists of different levels each level is different according to its complexity to make the game more interesting and adventurous. In the battle, you are surrounded by enemies you have to play the game very tactfully to secure from them.

The virtual aiming stick is on the right side of the game screen whereas on the left side of the stick is available which helps you move the character in the game.  Your main focus in the game is to select your target smartly and wisely the fire will shoot automatically. This game allows you to shoot and throw hundreds of blades and bombs respectively on your enemies at one time. At every level, there is a number of weapons and grenades to discover and use while fighting. You are rewarded with awards when you move to the next level by crossing all the difficulties and hurdles. Doodle Army 3 mod APK allows you to move to different locations and hide, climb, jump on the battlefield.

Important Tricks

  1. You can play for a long time and best target the enemy by hiding yourself behind large trees and raw herbs.
  2. To boost your immunity and to relax you can use the escape option to hide.
  3. When your enemy is close to you use the melee attack.
  4. You should have a backup, the best way is to fight with two weapons at the same time.
  5. You should have knowledge about the battlefield, its structure, and paths.
  6. Before starting your fight fully load your weapons.
  7. Try to break enemies’ unity and kill them one by one by planting time and gas bombs.

The disadvantage of using Doodle Army 3 mod APK

  1. This game along with the best experience and entertainment also comes with different disadvantages:-
  2. It is a very addictive game you can forget about everything like water, food, etc. while playing this game.
  3. As the game players have easy access to the gameplay it increases the obsession with the game.
  4. By excessively playing the game it degrades the touch sensor of the mobile/tab.
  5. If you are an intense user of the game go for the pro pack version to avoid bugging as in the Mini Militia APK hack version of the game.
  6. While downloading the APK file of the game be careful as there are many files available online that contain viruses.
  7. Many manipulated and malicious APK files are present on the net which could steal data/info from your phone such as your contact details, email, pictures, messages, etc. Download it from a safe site.


This mod APK is a highly entertaining and addictive shooting game. If you have already played Mini Militia 2, and you want a true shooting game filled with aggression then download its updated version of Mini Militia 3 mod APK to upgrade your game experience to whole new gameplay.

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