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Fruit Ninja is the most popular game since 2010, it has more than a million downloaders around the world. Fruit Ninja Mod Apk is the updated version of this game. In this article, you will get to know all the information about this game. In this game you don’t have to fight against your opponents, players just have to slice down the multiple fruits with their moves. You will get used to this game in just a few attempts due to simple gameplay. Players just have to download the game and start playing it without investing a huge amount in reading the rules of the game. It can be downloaded on any device. It’s just simple to play as you just need to cut the fruits that appear on the screen. Is it hard to play?

A game provides you with a variety of game modes to enhance your game experience. As you move to different levels of the game you have to face some challenges to cut the fruit.

Fruit Ninja Mod APK


The game makes you feel real ninja as you cut the fruits in ninja style. When you start the game, you have to choose the blades from the available options to use to slice the fruits. Earn points by slicing as much fruit as you can. You can cut the fruits by using a single finger or multiple fingers at one time as per player choice. Game difficulty increases as the level increases. You have to be alert before slicing the fruit as it can be a bomb which makes you lose the game. You have to slice all the fruits before it fell down on the ground to win the game.

Different Game Modes

Fruit Ninja Mod Apk is available in different modes: classic, arcade, and Zen mode.

  • Arcade Mode: In this mode, you will have to slice as many fruits as you can within a time period of sixty seconds to earn points. In arcade mode bomb doesn’t kill you even fruits dropped on the floor will not entail any consequences.
  • Zen Mode: In Zen mode, you have to slice the fruits as you can to release the stress and anxiety. Zen modes have no restrictions and targets.
  • Classic Mode: In classic mode, you have three lives, you will lose life as the fruits touch the ground. After some time, the bomb appears you have to avoid that otherwise the level will be rebooted. If you cut the multiple fruits in one blow you will get more points and after slicing a hundred fruits you will be given a bonus life.

Fruit Ninja Mod

Features of  Fruit Ninja Mod Apk

The mod version brings new and exciting features for you to fully enjoy the game. Some of the features of this game are as under:-

1) Simple control

The game is extremely simple to control and play. You can download it on your device and become quickly familiar with it once you start playing it. You can simply play it by using your fingers to slice the fruits.

2) Addictive

Due to the simple game and availability of a variety of game modes, it makes you get addicted to this game in less time.

3) Graphics

A game provides you with amazing and mesmerizing 3D graphics that appeal to you the most. High resolution with colourful fruits makes the game more interesting and provide full entertainment to the players.

4) High Sound Quality

In Fruit Ninja, the sound effects are so good. You will fully enjoy the sound while slicing the fruits and explosion of bombs etc.

5) Can be Playable by Anyone

Everyone can play this game very easily from a small child of 3 years old to an adult person as this is simple and easy to play.

6) Downloaded on any device

The APK can be easily downloaded on any android device. You just have to click on the link to file and follow the instructions to install the game.

7) Play for Free

You can download this game around the globe free of cost.

8) Multiple Game Modes

In this game, you will be provided with different game modes to play and enjoy a better game experience.

9) Availability of different Blades

In a game, you can change the blade as a variety of blades are available. At the starting of the game, you are provided with a standard blade of blue and white color. As you progress in the game you can unlock different blades such as Sakura blade, cloud kicker, old glory, laser blade and much more. Each blade has its own significance and has some unique advantages.

10) Unlimited Money

In Fruit Ninja Mod Apk you will be provided with unlimited money such as a lot of Golden Apples and Starfruits. This money will help you with in-game purchases.

11) Ad-free Game

It’s very annoying when a lot of advertisements appears again and again in free games, but this is not the case in the mod version. Download this game and enjoy ads free game.

12) Secure to Use

The APK file is 100% safe and secure from any virus and malware, so don’t need to be worried about security concerns.

Fruit Ninja Mod

How to Download & Install the game on devices?

Installation of the game is just simple. You have to download the APK file by clicking on the download link at the end of the article and waiting till the download start. Make sure you have sufficient space to download the game on your device and also uninstall the old version of this game to install the updated version. The installation process is as under:-

  • Once the game starts downloading, wait till it is finished.
  • Click on the open file manager on your device and open the downloaded Fruit Ninja Mod APK file.
  • Allow permission if required, before installation.
  • Install the game and wait till the process completes.
  • The game will be installed on your device.
  • Now open the game and start enjoying the game.

Final Words

Install the game now and best utilize your spare time.

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