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Free Rider HD is a racing game. You have to ride through different tracks which are drawn by different players. You will get Free Rider HD Mod APK from here. It is modified in such a way that every player experiences new and amazing features in it.

You will get unlimited gems from this Mod APK which you have to buy from in-app purchases in the original version of the game. Similarly, you will also get unlimited money to buy all things which are available in the game but locked.

This is the premium version of the game so all ads have been removed from it. You will enjoy a seamless gaming experience. This feature is best for those people who play games when their internet data is on. They have to watch annoying ads while playing the game.

free rider hd mod apk

About Free Rider HD Mod APK:

Free Rider HD is the best example of a platform racing game that is different than traditional racing games. This game was launched on the official platform of the Google play store in September 2017. Currently, it has been downloaded by more than one hundred thousand android users. This game has an average rating of 3.44. It is freely available on the free games section of the Google play store. You have to buy different items with real money from in-app purchases.

This game was developed by Kano Games. It is a famous android developer. They are actively participating in game development since 2016, and their apps appear in the top 100 games in 5 countries. If we talk about the total number of games that are developed by Kano Games, then currently 7 android games are on their platform. This game is also developed with the participation of a Polish android developer company named One More Level. It released its first for web browsers in 2014.


Free Rider HD game consists of riding a bicycle on different personalized tracks through different players of the world. The track of the game is very unique. It is a stick figure composed of very simple drawings with few curves, dots, and lines that make this game very simple. This game has 2D graphics and all the tracks which are available in this game are created and drawn by other players of the game. If you want to ride this bicycle on your own drawn track, then you also have the option of it in the game. You can create different obstacles for your personalized track. There is no expertise needed in doing so because you have different tools available in the game to draw tracks.

You have a brush, curved line, and eraser tool available in the game editor to draw the new track. A camera tool will also assist you in drawing tracks for the best riding experience. Currently, there are more than seven hundred thousand tracks available in this game which are drawn by different players around the world.

free rider hd mod apk download


Free Rider HD is a simple graphics game that looks simple to play but actually, it is not so simple. You have to face many difficulties while playing the game. To overcome these difficulties and to enhance your gaming experience, we have modified the original version of the game. This game is uploaded here in Mod APK format which will help you in playing the game by providing the following exciting features.

Free Purchases:

The free purchases option is inserted in this hacked version of the game. It will help you to buy anything within the game free of cost. In the official version of the game, you need real money to buy different items. After downloading this version of the game, there is no need to buy anything as all items are freely available. You just have to choose your desired item and it will be given to you.

Ads Free Version:

This Mod APK is a premium version designed in a way that all ads have been removed for an enhanced gaming experience. You can play this game easily with convenience because you will not see even a single ad while playing the game.

Free Rider HD Mod APK Unlocked tracks:

There are more than 0.7 million tracks available in the game. You have to unlock these tracks by completing different races. This hurdle is also removed in this Mod APK of the game. You can directly select any track from the list because all of them are unlocked.

Power boosters:

Get unlimited power boosters in this game to ride your bicycle at more speed and win the race easily. These boosters are needed in different tracks where you have to face more gravity. These power boosters will not reduce the speed of your bicycle.

Free Rider HD Mod APK Free Coins:

Get free unlimited coins without winning even a single race with the help of this Mod APK. You will be able to buy all items within the game with the help of these coins. With the help of these coins, you can go for power boosters, slow motions, and pass-through from various checkpoints.

How to install Free Rider HD on Android Device:

This APK can be installed on most android devices very easily. So follow below mentioned few steps and install them on your device.

Download Mod APK of Free Rider HD:

The download link of the game is highlighted at the end of this article from where you can easily get the APK file of the game.

Install APK on Android Device:

When the downloading process will be finished, you will just have to click on the install app icon. After getting the necessary permission, this game will be installed on your android device easily.


This game has 2D graphics so are they boring?

Ans: Although this game has 2D graphics the gameplay is very interesting. So you will not feel boring while playing the game.

Will this Mod APK harm my device?

Ans: We have a strong check on the working and viruses belonging to any app. So this APK will never harm your device and is secure to download.

Is this game free to play?

Ans: The hacked version of the game which is available here in Mod APK is completely free to play. You will get all paid features of the game free of cost.


Free Rider HD is a unique racing game where you have to ride a bicycle on a player’s drawn tracks. This game will bring you a new level of excitement and fun. So don’t wait more and just click on the below-mentioned download link to get the APK of the game which is easy to install. Get all the paid features for free and many other exciting things as well which are not available in the original version of the game.

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