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Carx Drift Racing 2 Mod APK Download APK
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This game is a gift for fans of the fast and furious series as this racing game has realistic graphics with actual feelings of thrill and excitement. Download Carx Drift Racing 2 Mod APK and enhance your racing skills with free premium features.

You can unlock all cars in this game with free purchases of tracks and cars. You can also tune up your car without spending money on it from the best mechanics. Numerous drip points are readily available to show your skills in front of the world. Its unlimited money features are the best part of this hacked version of the game.

Carx Drift Racing 2 Mod APK Gameplay

About Carx Drift Racing 2 Mod APK:

Darx Drift Racing 2 Mod APK is the sequel of the most famous drift game. It is popular for having more than 50 million fans around the world. You will experience the same thing in this second version of the game. The story of this Mod game focuses on a fast and furious Tokyo Drift movie due to the drifting skills of the main character of the movie. You can also perform those stunts in this Mod version with the help of the Tokyo city road map built in this game.

CarX Technologies, LLC publishes this game and has more than 10 million officials downloads. It has a splendid system of supercars that you can’t imagine owning because you can also create your favorite car in the game with the help of freedom of up-gradation choices. This Mod version of the game has realistic graphics with super-quality sounds. You will completely immerse in this game, and you will feel like participating in a live car race. With the help of this modified version, you can play the game in offline mode, so no need to use your internet all the time.


After installing this Mod APK from here, you have to complete different races with speed to win them. But you also have to drift your car to get bonus points. A rider will pass the car through different corners of the road, and drifting is the only option to go through from these corners in speed.
This Mod version of the game has different modes. You have to choose anyone before starting the game.

Career Mode:

In this mode, you will start your gaming career as a beginner, and participate in different races to win cups and earn coins. There are 26 sports cars available in this mode of the game. All of them are unlocked in this Mod version of the game.

World Championship:

It is the online mode of the game. Here, you will compete with different players online and set new records. You have to beat different world records set by online players.
The world championship is time attack racing mode. You will get a specific amount of time to finish the race by showing your drifting skills.

Carx Drift Racing 2 Mod APK Multiplayer:

In multiplayer mode, a player has to participate in the race with real players through different online tournaments. The goal is to reach the top in 5 different leagues.

Carx Drift Racing 2 Mod APK Download

Carx Drift Racing 2 Mod APK Features:

Carx Drift Racing 2 Mod APK comes with many outstanding features. These will help you in participating and winning different races. When you run this modified version of the game, you will get the following features. These will boost your online ranking as well among world players.

All Cars are Unlocked:

Drive all premium cars in different racing completions to get a higher ranking with the help of this modified version of the game. In career mode, there are 26 cars, and all of them are unlocked. So if you participate in any online race, there are more chances of winning due to the free availability of all unlocked cars.

Unlimited Money in Mod Version :

People play this worldwide where online tournaments take place. You must have the best and upgraded cars to compete with international players.
You can’t buy premium cars and their up-gradation without money, so we have hacked the money feature of this game. With the help of this Mod APK, you will get unlimited money to buy any car in-game. You can also tune up your car using the money for enhanced acceleration and features.

Carx Drift Racing 2 Mod APK Unlocked Tracks :

There are many beautiful tracks in this game. A player has to unlock them by winning different races to participate in an international race. You also have tracks that are not locked.
This Mod version of the game will unlock all tracks automatically. So you can show your drifting skills in all the latest tracks.

Enhance Your Car Performance :

In the simple version of the game, each car has speed and performance limits, and you cannot enhance their racing abilities. We have boosted the car performance in this Mod version of the game. Now, you will get more performance from your existing game by using this amazing feature.
• How to Install the game on android :
If you own an android device, then you can download this game from this website which is free to download, install and play with all hacked features. You just have to follow the following simple steps to run the game on your device.

Download Carx Drift Racing 2 Mod APK:

First of all, you have to download this Mod version of the game. You can see the link at the end of this article. Just tap the download icon, and your download will start automatically.

Install game:

After completion of the downloading process, you have to find the Mod APK of this game from the file manager of your android device and tap the install option. This APK file is compatible with most android devices, so you can install it easily.


1. What are the main advantages of Carx Drift Racing 2 Mod APK?

Ans: This Mod APK will allow you to activate all premium cars with unlocked tracks and unlimited money.

2. Can I modify cars in this Mod version?

Ans: You are free to customize your cars in this Mod version of the game. You can alter the body and engine of the car to boost its performance free of cost.

3. This game is easy to play?

Ans: Mod APK of this game provides you with many premium features. With the help of them, you can easily win a race.


Explore a new world of car drifting with the help of this Mod version of the game. You will get all premium cars free of cost. The unlimited money feature will enable you to buy any item for your car. It will enhance looks and performance.

We have uploaded this Mod APK after complete checking. It is 100 % working and secure. Don’t wait more, and get the download from this page. Install the game to enjoy all the amazing features of the game freely.

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