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Car games always lie in the top category of the Google play store. They are liked by most android users. Car Mechanic Simulator Mod APK is available here for free download with amazing features.

You can become the best car mechanic after installing and playing this game. It has many unique elements in it. Now you can get unlimited money in this modified version of the game. You also have a wide range of exciting cars which are not available in the original version of the game.

All cars are unlocked in this version. You can choose any car to show your expertise on it. This is the premium version, so you will not see any ads during the game.

Car Mechanic Simulator Mod

About Game:

This game lies in the simulation category of the Google play store. It provides you with an opportunity to play car games differently. This game is also famous for its strong graphics and characters that are different from other simulation games.

Car Mechanic Simulator was developed by Digital Melody Games. It is a famous android developer and active in the Google platform since 2014. They have currently 7 android mobile apps on their platform. These games have been installed more than 60 million times. If we talk about the game ratings of Digital Melody Games, then they have scored 4.21 on the average rating for all of their apps.

Car Mechanic Stimulator has a strong rating in all apps developed by respective android developers with a 4.41 rating. This game was developed in February 2018. It is suitable for everyone and available in the free games category. More than 10 million Android users have downloaded the game from the Google play store. It is compatible with android 5.0 +.

Car Mechanic Simulator hack


In-Car Mechanic Stimulator, you are the mechanic of the cars. You have to drive, repair, tune, sell and paint realistic cars. We will have the iconic cars in this game. You have to follow the orders of your customers in repairing them.

After getting repair orders, you will repair its engine, gearbox, exhaust, suspension, and brakes with care so that it will work fine. Before delivering the car, you have to take a test ride on different tracks where you have to check its suspension, brakes, and engine position.

Being a mechanic, you also have to repaint the cars and remove dust and rust from them. After doing so, you can sell the car and earn a great amount of money to boost your career.

Car Mechanic Simulator Mod APK Features:

There is no need to download the official version of the game from the Google play store if you want to do something extra in this game. We have uploaded Car Mechanic Stimulator Mod APK to this website. So after downloading the game from here, you will also get the following features of this hacked version of the game.

1) Unlimited Money:

In the official game, you have to earn money by performing different hard tasks. But still, you do have not sufficient money in your wallet. This is the main reason behind the development of this Mod APK because now you will get the feature of unlimited money in it.

With the help of this feature, you will be able to purchase anything within the game. You can visit the spare parts market and buy expensive parts for the best engine performance and paint quality.

2) Premium Stores:

Now you can buy the finest quality products for your cars with the help of premium stores that are not available in the simple version of the game. With the help of this Mod APK, you can buy parts for supercars that are the most expensive.

3) Unlocked Items:

All items are unlocked in this Mod APK of the game. After installing the game from here, you can buy any item related to car maintenance and repair for free. These items are locked in the original version of the game. You have to earn money first to unlock these items.

4) No Ads:

There is no need to see boring ads to earn some money. You have unlimited money and this is the premium version of the game which is ad-free. You can start your task without any interruption of irrelevant ads.

How to Install Car Mechanic Simulation Mod APK?

The installation process of the game is quite easy. But if still, you have any confusion about how to install the game from here, then you should follow these steps for successful installation of the game on your device.

1)  Download Mod APK file:

Go to the download link of this game through your android device and you will be able to start downloading easily. There are no ads or other links given for downloading process, so you just have to tap the download icon.

2) Install APK:

You will get the install option on the screen of your android phone once the downloading process is completed. You have to permit installation by taping the install icon. The game will download automatically.

Car Mechanic Simulator


1) This Mod APK is available on this website only?

Ans: Yes, you have to download the Mod APK from here. It is not available in any other place.

2) Do all hacked features of this game are working?

Ans: All of the game features are 100 % working. They have been thoroughly checked before uploading the file on this website.

3) Is it free to download the game from here?

Ans: The game is free to download from here. You don’t have to watch any advertisements before downloading process as well.

4) Why Cars Mechanic Simulator Mod APK is better than the official version?

Ans: This is the premium version of the game with everything free and unlocked. You will love to play the game after downloading it from here.


If you are a car lover and want to do something extra in a car game rather than only driving a car, then you are in the right place. You will get the best gaming experience after downloading this game from here as unlimited currency is waiting for you. It will help you in buying in-app purchases and all items are unlocked in premium stores.

You can get any car part free of cost either it is related to the body of the car or it is an engine part. The download link is below. You can download the game by following the easy steps which are above.

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