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Call of Duty is a well-known shooting game that is based on the World War II setting along with some modifications. It was designed in 2003 for action games lovers. Call of Duty Mod Apk is the updated version of this game with new features. Its updated version removes the flaws in previous versions. This mod is unique as compared to other games due to its best graphics, tools, setting, and props.

The game has different levels; the difficulty level of the game increases as moves to the next levels. This game attracts millions of fans due to its exciting features and game modes. Call of Duty also introduces the mobile version of the game to play the game by device’s touch screen. You have to fight the battle in a realistic environment comprised of many challenges to defeat your enemies. In this game you will be provided with different unique weapons, maps to explore the place and come up with your plans.

call of duty mod

Call of Duty Mod Apk Game Modes

It has many game modes to make you addicted to this game. Game modes are briefly explained so you get familiar with these which would be helpful for you while playing the game:-

1) Zombies:

In this game mode, you will come across different zombies. You will see very impressive blood-thirsty zombie actions, but you have to play the game trick fully to make yourself safe.  You have to use different weapons to kill them quickly and very carefully before they rip you to shred. Kill them with tricks and make yourself safe from their attack.

2) Battle Royale:

In Battle Royale game mode you’ll be gliding into the map at an area of your choice, arming up, and getting ready to take out the opposition to end up as number one. This is a first-rate struggle royale mode that any Fortnite or PUBG lover could be thrilled with. In this mode, you can play the batch with 100 players per match.

3) Sniper Vs Sniper:

Sniper Vs Sniper mode encourages you to utilize your environment to hide your actions and use sneakiness to beat the opposite sniper. It’s like Enemy on the Gates however on mobile. This is one of the extra slow-paced and nail-biting modes inside the Call of Duty Mobile arsenal, and it’s one that each player with a desire for sniper conflict will appreciate. Patience is fundamental here.

4) Team Deathmatch:

In Team Deathmatch mode two sets of teams are involved in it with 5 players in each team. They have to fight with one another in a set amount of time. You have to fight the battle along with your team to win the battle. You also can discover the diverse deathmatch modes, like seize the flag, domination, and more.

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Features of Mod Apk

The mod APK game is the best video game due to its diverse and exciting features, which makes it most famous around the world. Following are the exciting features of the game:-

1) Aimbot:

It is the most important feature of the game where you can use this feature to kill the enemy in one shot. You have to put Aimbot close to the enemy and press the shot key to shoot the enemy from distance. It will recognize the enemy and kill it in one attempt. This feature will help the player to avoid too many calls for killing a single opponent.

2) Unlocked Character:

In the game, the unlocked character feature unlocks all the characters regardless of the levels. In the original and previous versions, you have to qualify certain levels to unlock some characters of your choice. This new version removed this difficulty now you have access to all characters. It is very difficult to make a team in the old version while playing in multiplayer mode but mod APK makes it convenient to unlock all characters at one time for each player.

3) Online Modes:

You can now play the game with your friends and family online mode by making team.  This feature makes the game more exciting by making a team with your buddies now you can kill many enemies to win the battle.

4) The root is not Required:

When you install a mod version of other video games on your devices needs to be rooted to install the app, but this is not the case in the mod version. You just need to download the file from the download link and run it on the device easily.

5) Auto Reloading Weapons:

In many other games, you have to reload the guns while fighting this wastes your time and gives the enemy more time to strike you back which is dangerous. In Call of Duty Mod Apk, you don’t need to reload your weapon, to introduce the feature of auto-reloading weapons. Respond quickly, respond better.

6) Anti-Ban Feature:

You can play this game without any fear of security threats, hacking threats, and even your account will not block and ban in this game.

7) Update easily:

You don’t have to check the updates again and again like other games. The app will notify you whenever an update is required.

8) Free to play:

Call of Duty Mod Apk is downloadable and playable around the globe free of cost.

call of duty mod

Download & Installation

  • To download the mod file you need to delete the old version app from your device to avoid overwriting.
  • Before downloading this file make sure you will have enough space on your mobile device.
  • Click on the download link at the end of this article to download the file on your device.
  • Click on the open file manager on a device and open the downloaded
  • Allow permission to the game as demanded to install the game on your device.
  • Install and enjoy the exciting game.

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