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Block City Wars Mod APK is available on this website which is free to download for all android users. After downloading the game, you will see lots of interesting content in it. You will get different weapons and amazing characters in this game which will boost your gaming experience.

The official version of the game is hacked and modified in this Mod APK of Block City Wars. After downloading this game from here, you will experience many unique and exciting features. These features are either not available in the original version of the game. You have to purchase them from in-app purchases.

The best features of Block City Wars Mod APK include unlimited money, unlocked vehicles, and weapons with a lot of modes that are not available in the original version of the game.

About Game:

Simulation games always have unique themes and characters where you can immerse easily in the game and enjoy the role of these game characters. Block City Wars Mod APK has a strong average rating of 4.4 in the Google play store, and it is one of the most played simulation games.
This game was developed and released in September 2015 through Google play store and lies in medium maturity level, so it is designed for teenagers and above.
Block City Wars was developed and released by Kadexo who is a famous android developer and active since 2015. They have a single video game app on their platform. It is downloaded by more than 30 million Android users through the Google play store.

Block City Wars Mod APK GamePlay:

Block City Wars is a simulation game. It is a large city that consists of big buildings, shopping malls, wide roads, shopping markets, and much more. There are no laws in the game, so you have to solve your matters on the streets.

It has free gameplay so you can do anything in the game whatever you want like a gangster. You have to accept and accomplish different missions which they assigned you. So it is at your will to kill the people as a contract killer using different weapons.

You will get extremely advanced level vehicles like supercars, boats, motorbikes even tanks, jets, and helicopters. And your vehicles to complete the missions. You can also snatch them from people around you like a boss.

Deadly weapons are also part of this game. You can use any gun in the game from ordinary guns like the shotgun, AK47, or extraordinary weapons like katana or plasma guns. These weapons play important role in completing different assignments.

There are many game modes available from which you can select anyone before starting the game. These modes include team deathmatch, tank battles, infection zombies, pixel hunter, or street race.

block city wars mod apk download

Block City Wars Mod APK Feautres:

As described at the start, the modified version of the game is uploaded here which is free to download. You can do something extraordinary with the help of this Mod APK.
If you have played the original game and now you want something unique in this game, then download this APK file from here and get the following features for free.

Unlocked weapons in Block City Wars Mod APK:

After downloading the official version of the game from the Google play store, you will get simple weapons. You have to go through different tasks to unlock more weapons. Sometimes the mission gets harder which cannot be completed with these weapons.
Now there is no need to complete boring and hectic tasks to unlock the weapons. All of them are already unlocked in this hacked version of the game. You can get access to all weapons in the game as they are already unlocked.

Drive your favorite vehicles:

This is another amazing feature of this Mod APK that all the vehicles are unlocked in this game. You can drive any vehicle in the game. If you get fed up with these vehicles, you also have the opportunity to fly in a jet or helicopter.

As all vehicles are unlocked, you don’t have to spend any penny to buy them from in-app purchases. It will not only save your money, but you also don’t have to wait for the vehicles to be unlocked.

Free money:

You can buy anything in the game with the help of this feature as you have unlimited money in your game wallet. This money can be utilized in the game, and you don’t have to buy it online.

Installation of the game on android devices:

If you don’t have installed any game before from this website, then there is nothing to worry. After following these easy steps, you can get the game installed on your device.

Download Block City Wars Mod APK:

At the end of this article, you will get the download icon from where you can easily download the game on your android device.

Install game:

Once the game is downloaded on your device, you just have to tap the install icon and give permission to outsource applications. Your installation will begin and you will be notified after completion of the installation process.


  • How safe it is to download the Block City Wars Mod APK from here?
    Ans: We highly prioritize the safety of our website users. So all Mod APKs are uploaded after following strict security policies.
  • How to unlock items in this game?
    Ans: All items available in this game are already unlocked. You just have to select the item from the list.
  • This game is safe for children or not?
    Ans: Therein medium maturity content in this game, so it is suitable for teenagers and above.


This game is an advanced form of stimulation game.
You should try the hacked version of the game which is uploaded in APK format here. All android users can download this file from here, and it is compatible with most android devices. This game will bring you to the next level of thrill and adventure. Download the game from the download link which is given below and is 100 % working.

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