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Download your favourite game Beat the Boss 4 from the below-mentioned link and get yourself entered into the world of fun and entertainment. The best thing about this game is that it is available in Mod APK format which is quite different from its original version.

By downloading Beat the Boss 4 Mod APK from here, you will get many exciting features for free. You will be able to get unlimited coins, free shopping, no advertisement, and much more with the help of this modified version of the game.

beat the boss

About Game

If you like to play simulation games then you would love to play Beat the Boss due to its unique idea and attractive graphics. This game was developed by Game Hive Corporation that is a famous android game developer. They are active in game development since July 2012.

Game Hive Corporation is a Canadian-based company and currently, they have 8 apps on their android platform. Beat the Boss was released in November 2020 on Google Play Store and since then it is among the top downloads game of the company.

The game has been downloaded by more than 0.1 million times from Google Play Store because of its unique and amazing content.

beat the boss


Beat the Boss is an action and adventure game where you can beat, aim and destroy your robot boss who is your worst enemy. This is the best source of stress relief because if you are working under such a boss who always screams at you or tries to find your mistakes then you can punish your boss in this game.

This game is based on the story of an employee who is not happy with his job and his boss always shows rude behaviour towards him. He is much annoyed and angry with his boss but he is unable to do anything to vent his anger.

You can use different weapons to torture your evil boss in the game and you can also drag and drop your boss by using your android device.

Beat the Boss 4 Mod APK Feautres:

Get the modified version of Beat the Boss from here and enjoy all premium features for free. This game will allow you to relieve your stress in a very interesting way. You will be able to perform your other tasks with a fresh mind.

There are many exciting features of Beat the Boss Mod APK so some of them are mentioned below.

1) Unlimited Money:

This is the amazing feature of this Mod APK of Beat the Boss. You will be awarded unlimited money in the game which you can utilize.

You can buy different items in the game with the help of this feature. If we talk about the original version of the game then you have to purchase money from in-app purchases.

2)  All stages unlocked:

There are different stages in the game that a player has to unlock after completing the previous level and every next stage is quite difficult than the last one.

With the help of this Mod APK, there is no need to complete a stage to unlock the next stage because all of them are already unlocked, and you can proceed to any stage after starting the game.

3)  Free shopping:

You can shop anything within the game without paying any amount for it. This hacked version of the game is characterized by a free shopping facility.

You just have to click on the buy button in the shopping menu and that product will be purchased and added automatically without any cutting of coins or money.

4) Wide range of unlocked weapons:

Now you can vent your anger on your evil boss with the help of a wide range of weapons available in the game. There are amazing weapons available in Mod APK of this game that can be utilized in-game.

There is no need to buy any weapons from the game because all weapons are unlocked. So after installing Beat the Boss 4 Mod APK, you will be able to use your favourite weapon to punish your robotic boss.

5) No Advertisement:

There is no advertisement in the whole game because all ads are removed in a hacked version of the game. You will be able to enjoy the game like a premium version.

beat the boss

How to install?

Follow the following simple steps to download and install this amazing game in Mod for your android device.

1)  Download Beat the Boss:

The download link is given below on this page, so you just have to click on the download button. After checking the permission of third-party downloads, the process will be started automatically.

2)  Game Installation:

After downloading the Mod APK of this game, you will be routed towards the installation procedure. You have to follow simple steps to install the game on your android device.


1) Is Beat the Boss is number one android game?

Beat the boss is among the most liked android games and people around the world play it on regular basis.

2) Is this hacked version of the game is dangerous for my android device?

This version of the game is safe to install and play on any android device because it is checked with the help of different tools and found no errors or bugs.

3) How to buy items in-game?

There is nothing to buy in this Mod APK game because all of the items are freely available and unlocked.

4) Is it free to download?

Yes, it is completely free to download the game from alloverwebs. We are providing the premium version of the game free to all android users.

beat the boss


Experience the best action game which is also capable of releasing your stress differently. You can download the hacked version of the game free from here. You will enjoy this version more than its original version.

So just click on the below-mentioned download button, install the game on your android device and enjoy the game freely.

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