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Who Do ISIS Reincarnation


Who Do ISIS Reincarnation: In 2011 America get freedom for Iraq from Saddam Hussein, but Iraq was fully destroyed during this fight and America call back his all forces from Iraq.When America call back his forces then small groups in Iraq start fighting with each other from one of these groups there is a leader name Abu-Baker-AL-Baghdadi, He was a chief of Alkaid-a Iraq, from 2006 He was busy in negative campaign bus those days He has no money, army, and help. Whenisis American forces return the government and infrastructure of Iraq were fully destroyed, then in 2011  Abu-Baker-AL-Baghdadi was again ready to start his company.

Who Do ISIS Reincarnation

Due to less force, Abu-Baker-AL-Baghdadi was not successful even He changed his company name from Alkaid-a Iraq to ISI means Islamic State of Iraq. Abu-Baker-AL-Baghdadi combines the force and commander of Saddam Hussein; then He starts targeting Police stations, Check Point and Militarily Offices.  So far thousands of people included in Abu-Baker-AL-Baghdadi force but still Abu-Baker-AL-Baghdadi was not very successful. In 2009  Abu-Baker-AL-Baghdadi move towards to Syria, in first four years  Abu-Baker-AL-Baghdadi  was unsuccessful in Syria but in this period He again changed the name of the company the new name was  ISIS means Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. In June 2013 first time Syria Army appeals that if they didn’t get weapons, they would loose the war on ISIS. As a result of this appeal America, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arab and Qatar provide free weapons, money, and training to Syria army, that is the time in which  ISIS got many successes. Within one year ISIS takeover on Syria army and also on weapons.

There are many cruel groups in the world, but this group is the most dangerous and especially target the ISLAMIC HISTORICAL places. This is totally against the ISLAM and targets the innocent peoples by using the name of ISLAM. This in totally not any relation to the ISLAM. These are the terrorist in the clothes of Muslim. And using the name of Muslim target the innocent Muslims and the peoples of other religion.


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