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Wear Umpire Helmet During Cricket Match

First time in international cricket history umpires wear the umpire helmet during the match between Australia and India. On Jan 20, Wednesday John Ward officially wears a helmet during the match.

John Ward 53-year-old umpire, a ball was hit on his head during umpiring in a Ranji Trophy match between Punjab and  Tamil Nadu, the date was December 2015, and he was hospitalized. This  John Ward didn’t want to take a chance and that’s why He decided to wear helmet officially during umpiring in ground.

Wear Umpire Helmet During Cricket Match

John Ward 53-year-old umpire was suffered from an injury to the back of his head from a straight drive of  Barinder Iran’s.

There is much security is available for the batsman especially the incident of Phil Hughes in 2014, umpires are also active to fight with any unusual incident.

A famous umpire  Simon Taufel said umpire must have to wear the helmet during on-field umpiring. Back days ago Indian umpire seemed to wear the helmet in the local match between Railways and Kerala.


umpire chest protector

Umpire Chest Protector And Helmet

Sometime umpire wearing the chest protector and helmet from saving his body from the injury. Because sometimes the hardball causes the serious injuries. Therefore umpires follow the safety instructions to save himself from the serious injuries. But some umpires not wearing the chest protector and helmet during the match, and this is the major factor of the injuries.


Umpire Helmet Equipment

Umpire Equipment

Umpire equipment is used to protect the body of the umpire from the injuries during the matches. As you know, the umpire is the important part of the match and umpire need to be on the ground during the match. For the umpire, safety needs to follow the safety rules.


By following strictly safety rules we make our matches safe and full of joy.



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