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Use google webmaster tool

How use google webmaster tool?

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Today I will let you know how use google webmaster tool for make the SEO of your website.

Why google webmaster is important for SEO of the websites?

Google webmaster tool is very important for website SEO because we add our website links on the google and also set the target location of the visitors and google provide the proper information about the website links crawling OR adding on it. So therefore this can be very helpful for the SEO of any website.

Follow the following steps for using the google webmaster tool:

  • Make an account on the google OR use the existing one.
  • Add your website on the google webmaster tool.
  • Verify your website by adding the file in your website home directory and by many other methods which will be given by the google webmaster tool.
  • After verifying your website generate the sitemap of your website.
  • Add the sitemap into google webmaster tool.
  • Also generate the robots.txt file and add it on the google webmaster tool if necessary.

How generate and use the sitemap and xml files?

For answer follow this link:

After doing this process set your target location if the visitors of your website which means in which country you want the visitors of the websites.

And one the most important point, don’t forgot it by adding the both versions of your website with www and without www on google webmaster tool. For example and

If you need further information and details about how using the google webmaster tool please contact us we are here for your help.

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