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PHP Website – coding – Setup system for PHP

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You setup your system for your first PHP program as follows:

Given below steps/instructions help’s you for setup your system for running your PHP code/Program. After installation of the Editor(Dreamweaver) and Server(WampServer) run the Editor(Dreamweaver) and Server(WampServer), open the dreamweaver and follow the given below steps:

1: Click the ‘File’ from menu.

2: Click the ‘New’ from sub-menu.

3: Select the ‘PHP’ form options.

4: Write your PHP code/program.

5: Click the ‘File’ from menu.

6: Click the ‘Save As…’ from sub-menu.

7: Select your directory where you install WampServer.

8: Open the ‘www’ folder and save you file (Note: you also save your file in the new folder in ‘www’ folder).

10: After this open your browser.

11: Write ‘localhost/’ in the URL field.

12: Select your saved file from ‘Your Projects’ menu.

And after follow’s the all steps your PHP program is in running and it show’s the output of the PHP code/program in the browser.

 If browser show any error when you select your saved file from ‘Your Projects’ menu it means any syntax error in your PHP code.

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