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Make Website Secure From SQL Injection

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In this post I will going to tell you the secrete about how you will make your website secure from the sql injection very easily with in few seconds. And this is like a magic for your website. My trick make your website 100% secure form SQL injection very very easily.

Usually website admin’s OR owners ask the questions how make the website secure. The answer is simple add the two lines your website code and make your website secure with in few seconds.

I will tell you this trick without any cost its totally free.

Can you believe this. If yes than read and follow the below instructions:

  • Open your website script OR back-end coding
  • Try to find OR open the page which is used in the top of all pages like header OR config file
  • Add the following code in the top of the page


if(isset($_POST))foreach($_POST as $key=>$value)$_POST[$key]=mysql_real_escape_string($value);if(isset($_GET))foreach($_GET as $key=>$value)$_GET[$key]=mysql_real_escape_string($value);


These two line statements OR code will make 100% secure your website form SQL injection from the any point of SQL injection like URL and input fields.  Try it really it works I use it and hope my this trick make your website 100% secure form SQL injection. This is very easy to use if you have any question OR you need the further information about this post please contact me I’m here for your help.


Thanks for reading this post. Keep reading this blog soon I will add new post for you!

Thanks again!


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