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Learn PHP Basic


PHP is  a powerful tool, and  server scripting language for creating  interactive dynamic and Web pages.

You can perform any kind of web base work in PHP.


  • Download editor such as Dreamweaver, NotePad++
  • Install Local Server or  Live Server
  • Install FTP

My First PHP Program

<!DOCTYPE html>

echo "Welcome to AO webs!" ; 


The above PHP Program shows Welcome to AO webs! as an output.

  • <?php  This tag is the starting tag of PHP
  • ?>  This tag is use as an ending tag in PHP
  • Both starting and ending tags are very important in any PHP program
  • Echo  command is used for print, display or for show message on screen.
  • ” ”  We write our message in ” “
  • Semicolon is used for the ending of the message.
  • The write syntax of echo is echo ” Your message” ;


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