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Integrate SMS API with PHP

Now days SMS API Integration is the very important thing in web developers because many websites use the sms api for send the messages form website to mobile phones.

Today I will let you know about how you easily integrate sms api into your website. First you need to open this link:

Sign up using the above link, after this you need to download the api source code form this link:

OR copy the below api source code:

$username ="xxxxx" ; // your account username means your mobile no with country code e.g 923120000000
$password ="xxxxx" ; // password of your account which you receive on your mobile
$sender = "Brand" ;
$mobile = "923xxxxxxxxx"; // receiver mobile phone no
$message = "This is Test";

$url = "".$username."&password=".$password."&sender=".$sender."&mobile=".urlencode($mobile)."&message=".urlencode($message)." ";

///Curl start

$ch = curl_init();
$timeout = 30;
curl_setopt ($ch,
CURLOPT_URL, $url);;
curl_setopt ($ch,
curl_setopt ($ch,
$response = curl_exec($ch);
///Write out the response
echo $response;



Please note that point the username which you want to insert is your mobile no with country code which you give at the time of sign up and the password which you receive on your mobile phone when you sign up. And also not forgot to add the phone no with country code of the receiver of the message.


After this you need to run this api script your server and make your coding logic according to the requirements you also recieve the message sending status in the response variable and use it according to your requirements.


Hope you enjoy this article if you need further information about it OR you need the video tutorial for this please contact me OR post the comment on this post.


Thank-you very much for reading this.

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