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How WordPress Session Working

Why WordPress session not working? Usually, this question asked by the WordPress developers.

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The session is very important in PHP, and usually, WordPress developers OR coders use this in developing plugins & themes. Sometimes WordPress session not working. There are many solutions given over the internet about it, but we give you the best solution about session working in WordPress.


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Why WordPress Session Not Working

There are some following reasons because the session was not working in WordPress.

  • SESSION global variable block by WordPress.
  • Not properly define the session in WordPress.
  • More than one-time session_start() using in WordPress.
  • In some servers, if any CSS OR JavaScript does not include properly OR broken link of CSS OR JavaScript.
  • Sometimes browser shows the previous view due to cache plugin.

Now the follow the following steps for making $_SESSION working in your WordPress.

  • Open the file wp-includes/load.php and add _SESSION in global variable list like:
// Variables that shouldn't be unset
  $no_unset = array( 'GLOBALS', '_GET', '_POST', '_COOKIE', '_REQUEST', '_SERVER', '_ENV', '_FILES', 'table_prefix' );
  • Remove the “session_start();” from all of your theme OR plugin code.
  • After this add the following code in your plugin OR theme functions:
add_action('init', 'myStartSession', 1);
add_action('wp_logout', 'myEndSession');
add_action('wp_login', 'myEndSession');

function myStartSession() {
if(!session_id()) {

function myEndSession() {
    session_destroy ();
  • Check all of your linked OR enqueue CSS and javascript files if any broken link were find remove/edit it.

How WordPress Session Working

After follow the upper give steps check your sessions in WordPress it will working.


IF you need further information, OR you want to discuss anything about it, please let us know we are here for your help.



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