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How To Make USB Bootable Easily 2016 New Trick

How to make USB bootable easily with different operating systems?

Now we let you know about the easiest way of making USB bootable. Follow the following steps for making the USB bootable with various operating systems.

How To Make USB Bootable Easily


How To Make USB Bootable Easily?

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  • Download your desired operating system ISOs (Windows, Linux, UEFI, etc.)
  • Follow this link and download the Rufus.
  • Its slight in size and very fast software tool for making bootable USBs.
  • Insert OR connect USB in your system and run Rufus.
  • Select the USB to drive for making the bootable for the downloaded ISO.

It’s very easy and short way for creating the bootable USB of your desired operating system, for example, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux, etc. Follow this method you will create the bootable USB within very short time. Many other ways/methods for making the bootable USB but this is one of the easiest ways for creating the bootable USB. And this approach is widely used for making the USB bootable to install the operating systems on the PC’S & Laptop etc.

Some relevant information about the Ubuntu:

To execute Ubuntu from Bootable USB stay, the primary thing you should do is put a USB and the 20 GB free space required for your individual computer.

The quickest way to make USB bootable with Ubuntu on your keep is to use the Rufus. You need to do this by following the instructions.

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