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c++ Introduction

C++ Introduction 2016 Updated

C is the most powerful language to develop the computer applications and hardware drivers. C++ is an expended version of C it was created by a men named Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 at Bell Laboratories in Murry Hill, New Jersey. Bjarne Stroustrup initially called the new language “C with Classes”. But later in 1983 it wasc++ named to C++. Further information about the C++ Introduction are following:


C++ is a high level language it means that it is used to develop high level applications, and also for low level application which is very close to the hardware.
C++ is and Object Oriented language it means that program is written in term of classes, objects and functions.
C++ is the blocked structured Programming Language, means that we organize our code by using functions.

c introduction


Visual Studio(2010 recomended).

Santax and First program

#include <iostream.h>// Library
using namespace std;
// function
int main(){
cout << "Hello World";
return 0;

 cpp introduction


#include is an input output stream which is used to take input and show output, without #include our code is useless.


Function is a group of instruction or the combination of statements which perform some action or preform some task to achieve required goal.

namespace std;

STD is a standard name space for cin, cout and many other things are defined in it.


Cin is used to display, print, display output on a screen.


C++ function some value, if we don’t return some thing it shows error.


C & C++ is the very well know in developing the software applications and different hardware drivers. If we call the C is the mother of the computer languages this is not bad. Because approx all computer languages based on c. C and C++ are the most powerful languages of the computer. And many developers learn and earn from the C language.

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